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Company Profile  公司簡介

In 2010, the concept of launching an independent brand that specialize in fancy color diamonds in Taiwan jewelry market was first introduced and inspired after several years of trainings and practices at Carato jewelry shop. After more than four years of preparation, with the combination of numbers of diamond suppliers and diamond manufacturers, we together developed new concepts of related products.

CARATO Co.,Ltd. formally entered the diamond market in 2014, with professional team lineup from different business fields, we start natural color diamonds franchise. A small, but magical stone!

CARATO believe natural color diamond can be a woman’s new best friend. Together we can reveal the mysterious veil of fancies and make them not so unattainable as in luxurious and fashion way.



克拉多逸鑽石有限公司 CARATO CO.,LTD.

經克拉多珠寶行業的磨練與啟發,興起了獨立品牌的念頭,在2010年醞釀了進入鑽石市場,配合各多家品牌及鑽石合作 廠商,進行開發相關產品新概念。經4年多來的籌備,於2014年正式邁入鑽石市場,加入各行具有專業的團隊陣容,專 營天然彩色鑽石。






希望透過 CARATO 來讓喜愛彩鑽的小資女人及金字塔頂端消費群,能走在品味時尚尖端, 小小一顆,魅力無窮!獨特感受一起揭開那,色彩豐富的鑽石面紗。

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 COPYRIGHT © 2015.CARATO 克拉多鑽石精品 版權所有·翻印必究 網站使用條款