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Horizontal Alliances  歡迎異業合作,共創美好未來!~

"CARATO" strategic partnership includes products, gifts and other marketing activities ; as your organization is equally careful managing and paying attention to customers needs. CARATO are more than welcome to bond horizontal alliance connection with you. Cooperation alliances can provide benefits, improve corporate image and marketing promotion, working together to create a mutually beneficial win-win outcome situation, if your company has any ad hoc, please leave your company information such as: your company profiles, website and cooperation ideas. We will send professional representatives to deal with related subject as soon as possible! Thank you!



「CARATO」策略合作包含行銷活動配合、產品展示、贈品活動配合等若貴單位為同樣用心經營並重視顧客之相同理念的優質企業,歡迎與我們結盟合作結盟可提供更多的優惠,同時也可獲得企業形象與行銷的推廣,共同創造出互惠的雙贏成果若貴公司有任何專案,歡迎透過留下貴公司資料如:貴公司簡介及網頁與合作想法 我們會儘快派專人處理相關合作事宜謝謝!

連絡信箱:forever @ carato.tw



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 COPYRIGHT © 2015.CARATO 克拉多鑽石精品 版權所有·翻印必究 網站使用條款