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CARATO經過多年的籌備,如同鑽石在地底高溫高壓的醞釀下,琢磨出最耀眼璀璨的光芒。 天然彩色鑽石就是大自然最頂尖的傑作,也是每個時尚人士追求的夢想。


本公司專營天然彩色鑽石,在專業合格的GIA團隊帶領下,結合時尚美學、優良的服務品質,為您揭開天然彩鑽神秘的面紗,為您打造專屬的榮耀,成就不凡的時尚美夢。 唯有百年傳承的專業團隊,才能成就不凡的品味;也唯有不凡的品味,才能為您建立不朽的價值。




Precious metals have always been a detector of prosperity and high social rank. Just remember that jewelry was always a very inaccessible good for ordinary people.Only kings and emperors, priests and pirates could own the jewelry.

Ancients believed that precious stones have always had some magical power which is why jewelry was so rare and prohibitive. There are two types of jewelry – stones and metals. Obviously both of them are unique because of their appearance. It seems what our fanatic desire to have jewelry is the result of some psychological peculiarities. Remember that barbarians liked all shiny and bright things even if these were absolutely useless. Probably we have inherited this weakness. But you know that jewelry gives a feeling of freedom and identity.

We are offering you the unique goods because our product is the real treasure. If you are a true fan, you’ll love it. We have a tremendous variety in comparison to all of our competitors. Our collection is like a sea pearl among simple stones. Our devoted clients have noticed that our goods are the index of true, elegant taste.



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 COPYRIGHT © 2015.CARATO 克拉多鑽石精品 版權所有·翻印必究 網站使用條款